Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stop Wasting Time And Pick A Winner!

Are you a woman who’s tired of being hit on by the creepy dude in the club? Are you a guy who’s tired of hanging out at bars because you’re either smirked at or ignored by the women you’re interested in? Does the “buyer beware stickers” of online dating make you want to choke yourself? Does the thought of bumping into “teeny-boppers “on the dance floor make you WISH you were being hit on by the creepy dude at the bar?

These scenarios are played out in every nightclub and lounge in America. Nightclubs are places where many people tend to get drunk. So it's safe to say that many aren't in the right state of mind to make decisions about relationships. Furthermore people put on a different "face" at nightclubs. It's extremely rare to find someone who will divulge their true personality and opinions. Lots of people go there to put on a show in order to impress the opposite sex. People often get mixed up with someone whose name they can't even remember well after the party's over. Most of the time nightclubs prove to be great time wasters and futile in finding love.

Some people may say that you can find love in busy places like coffee shops. Now ask yourself how many times you've been to Starbucks or Tim Horton's versus how many dates you gained from it...exactly! Given the amount of time you spend aimlessly in nightclubs, getting fixed up with a friend of a friend, or drowning yourself in coffee, what's another 8 minutes of your time?

Organized short dating events are perfect places for singles seriously pursuing love. Everyone is single and everyone wants to meet someone, and there is no face-to-face rejection. If you're not a match, it's discreetly annotated by the other individual and vice-versa. Unlike a nightclub, speed dating events can be tailored for any client's needs. There are events for just about every ethnic/cultural background, religions, sexual orientations, hobbies, age groups; professions- the possibilities are endless. So stop the time wasters and go out and pick a winner...the night is yours!


I agree, it might be too late so why not take advantage while we are still young. Years don’t rewind only in mind.

I am actually now thinking of attending one since I really am bored with my life and I was fascinated on the details in this post.

The second picture was so hilarious and I was actually thinking of doing it. I also recommend this to those people who really have problems in finding their match.

Sometimes love would know where it should take place and it will guide you along the way. Its just you need to be there on the right place and on the right time.

Yeah I think it is. For sure there would be no one will go out with that guy.

It surely works and I also belief that people can meet many people in a coffee shop than going to a nightclub because the chances of having a longer relationship is really high than meeting someone in a club.

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